Hakuna Cloud is a suite of tools to automate the provisioning (start) and the termination (stop) of cloud servers.
With our tools, you can quickly optimize the total uptime of your cloud server, reducing the monthly expenses on cloud computing by turning off cloud instances when are not needed.

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Use cases and ideas fom our blog

Host your own private npm registry

Host an unlimited npm repo for less than $3/month

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Self-hosted JIRA Server

Self-hosted JIRA server

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Private NPM registry

Hosting a private NPM registry was never so easy and cheap!


A provider is a secure container for Cloud Provider credentials used to call its APIs.

Provider Configuration @ AWS/EC2

A guide to configure an AWS/EC2 Cloud Provider with Hakuna

JIRA Server on AWS/EC2

Install and host your JIRA Server on AWS EC2 instance!


A trigger is a reaction to an event used to launch the provisioning/deprovisioning of an instance

hakuna - Hakuna Cloud Command Line

hakuna is a command line used as the interface to manage and configure Hakuna Cloud.

AWS/EC2 with Proxy Trigger Tutorial

A step by step guide to configure a Proxy Trigger for an AWS/EC2 instance


A VHost contains the data related to an instance needed to Hakuna Cloud services to work properly

DO Proxy Trigger Tutorial

A 5-minute and complete tutorial to make a DigitalOcean Droplet with Hakuna Cloud