Hosting JIRA Server on AWS EC2 instance!


Just the bright side

JIRA is one of the most used agile tools for software teams. It’s very useful and we use it to organize our work-time.

Sadly, it comes with a price and often is not used every minute. Most of the time is going to be used during the daily standup and at sprint planning.

Installing JIRA Server on an instance managed by Hakuna Cloud, you will have all the good without the cost/bad issue.


To have a JIRA Server managed by Hakuna Cloud you need:

JIRA Installation

First of all, you need to download the JIRA Server version from the Atlassian site. Since probably you will be connected to the AWS EC2 instance through ssh, you should download it using


We reccomend you to follow this guide for the JIRA Server installation. Just do not start JIRA at the end of the installation process, but first set JIRA listening on port 80.

Try if JIRA is installed correctly before move on the next step.

Set up Hakuna Cloud

Hakuna Cloud will optimize the cost of this instance. Install the install our CLI and configure the newly created instance launching hakuna vhost create command.

Last step is to let Hakuna Cloud handle the traffic. Add a CNAME record that point to

If you need more details check the AWS/EC2 Tutorial.

That’s it. As soon as the DNS change is propagated (chek it in real time!), Hakuna Cloud will manage the instance stopping it when there is no traffic and waking it up when it is needed!