usecase, aws-ec2, cloudformation

Controlling access to AWS resources

Learn how to restrict Hakuna access to specific AWS resources

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npm, usecase, digitalocean

Host your own private npm registry

Host an unlimited npm repo for less than $3/month

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aws, cloudformation, vpc

AWS VPC CloudFormation template

A CloudFormation template to bootstrap a VPC

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aws, cloudformation

Static blog with Jekyll + AWS + CloudFormation!

A CloudFormation template for Jekyll Hosting on AWS

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blog, nexus3

How to reset a forgotten admin password in Nexus 3.x

How to recover a lost admin password for a Sonatype Nexus3 installation

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java, dns

Java and SkyDNS

Using a custom DNS resolver in Java and SkyDNS as dns server

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Get the natted port from inside a Docker container

How to get the natted port from inside a container?

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java, dev

Standalone Netflix/Turbine server

How to run Netflix/Turbine using an embedded Jetty container

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