This table list the available flavours for Microsoft Azure.

Flavour name Flavour code Service
azure/vm azure VIrtual Machine

Supported triggers

Trigger Supported Description
HTTP/HTTPS ModProxy Switch on the instance if an HTTP/S request is received
Metrics Switch off the instance if the CPU is low
Schedule Switch on or off the instance following a predefined schedule
SSH Enable SSH connection (eg: git)

Supported stop status

An instance can be disposed as described in the table below.

Status Description Billing status
stopped The Virtual Machine instance state is stopped Only instance storage is billed.


Microsoft Azure authentication requires you to create an Azure AD application and service principal, granted with the builtin CONTRIBUTOR role.

The following informations are required to configure the CloudProvider:

  • Application ID
  • Application Secret
  • Domain/Tenant ID
  • Subscription ID

The application must be granted with the following roles

How to create an application for Hakuna Cloud

Step 1 - create an application

The CLI provides a step-by-step procedure to create a CLoudProvider credential set.

  1. Open a shell and execute the command hakuna provider create
  2. Select azure/vm as flavour
  3. Sign in to your Azure Account through the Azure portal.
  4. Select Azure Active Directory.
  5. Select App registrations (Preview), then new regstration and configure a new app with the following parameters:
    • Name: Hakuna Cloud
    • Redirect URI:
  6. Take note of the Application ID and Directory (tenat) ID and paste these values in the hakuna CLI
  7. Select Certificates & secrets, then generate a new Client Secret. Add any meaningfull description

Assign the application to a role

To access resources in your subscription, you must assign the application to a role. We suggest to set the role at the subscription level.

  1. Select All services and Subscriptions, and select the subscription for which you want to authorize Hakuna Cloud. Take note of the Subscription ID
  2. Select Access Control (IAM), then Add and grant Hakuna Cloud these roles:
    • Role: Virtual Machine Contributor and Monitoring Contributor
    • Assign access to: Azure AD, user, group or application
    • Select: search for the application Hakuna Cloud