DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform built with simplicity at the forefront. Its simplicity and fast rump up make it the perfect Cloud Provider to try Hakuna Cloud!

Hakuna Cloud can automatize the provisioning and the disposal of DigitalOcean droplets, using different configurable triggers. Droplets are represented by instances in Hakuna Cloud.

Flavour: digitalocean


ANy droplet can be used with Hakuna Cloud. All regions are supported.

Supported triggers

Trigger Supported Description
HTTP/HTTPS ModProxy Switch on the instance if an HTTP/S request is received
Metrics Switch off the instance if the CPU is low
Schedule Switch on or off the instance following a predefined schedule
SSH Enable SSH connection (eg: git)

Supported stop status

The droplet and the instance storage are destroyed. Customer is billed only for snapshots storage


API token can be generated from the DigitalOcean API Dashboard.

Execute hakuna create provider to create a new CloudProvider. Select digitalocean as the type, and pick a name to identify this provider in the future.